As a web programmer who occasionally dabs in design the question always is how do you show off that you are a good programmer that writes reliable code that gets the job done? Most of the time the person assessing your skills is a not a programmer and thus  you cannot say – hey look at this piece of genius code that spans a couple of lines but does anything you want. So here are some projects I work and worked on.

My arsenal of skills are PHP, css, java, html-layouting, javascript, all that ajax, some Ruby-on-Rails, the awesome CMS Drupal, WordPress and of course all of those Adobe programs. Namedropping some clients: Microsoft, Compaq, Lindorff, Creative Space, Lancetown, BBS, Mailbox Media, Villamagasinet, Tradition, Alla Hundar, DRI and of course all the start-ups where I was my own boss.



Bookle is a site for used course literature at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The idea came out of the frustation of having to deal with registration, bad user interfaces and old ads; so I created Bookle with a friend. I made the site using Drupal 6 and some plugins for jQuery. I also had to hack the built-in search of the Drupal and create lots of Ajax-widgets to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

Alla hundar

A now sadly defunct community site for dog owners in Sweden. It was Sweden’s biggest dog community for a while. It included a blog for each user, image galleries, profile pages for the user’s dogs as well as a market fo used dog stuff, ask the expert pages and a dating function. I did the site in Drupal 5 with some core hacking and lots of modules and Ajax.



Freelance web site Lancetown had some problems with their indian programmer who couldn’t get the design / layout / css to work as they wanted prior to launch and they brought me in to clean up the code and fix the layout.


Campaign site for web invoices for the insurance company Lindorff.



I am a big fan of do-one-thing websites. I was writing some texts and wanted to know how long each paragraph was. Sadly enough theres no such function in Google docs. So I created a site with a textarea where you could just paste in your text and get the amount of words, sentences and characters fast and easy.

Per Han


Musician Per han wanted a simple page that he could update himself. I programmed the sketches and put them in Drupal for easy management.

Other references

You can view my profile att stackoverflow.com – http://stackoverflow.com/users/27943/reed-richards

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