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How to set up multiple virtual hosts on Apache 2 on Ubuntu or in everyday language create multiple sites when developing on a local machine 0

Setting up your local environment after a reinstall is always a hassle. Especially if you like I don’t bother to back-up the configuration files. So what do you do to set up several sites on your local machine to work on, in Ubuntu using Apache 2. 1. Edit hosts file in /etc directory Add this […]

Fixing Apache 2 error – Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName 0

No matter how many times you have installed LAMP and configured Apache – you still have to look up certain details that you forgotten about since it was a half year since you did that etc. Anyways I got this error / warning on Ubuntu machine when setting up a LAMP for local development: apache2: Could […]

Evolution of the Bookle poster. 0

Running the site for used course literature at KTH has given me the opportunity to practice my poster skills. I think they came out pretty all right.

Curing the problem of a stuttering Spotify on Ubuntu, Linux / Lösning på problemet med hackigt Spotify på Ubuntu, Linux 1

So I installed the new Ubuntu 9.10 and all of a sudden my Spotify was stuttering uncontrollably, like crazy. I tried restarting, shutting down, turning on and so on. Nothing worked. After some research on forums I realized that it might have to do with the Wine sound drivers in some way, that Spotify uses on […]

How to make text span two or more columns in Open Office Calc – or in computer lingo merge the cells… 0

So I was set with the daunting task of making text in one cell span several columns in Open Office Calc. When I don’t know how to do things I usually ask Google. Searching for “make text span two columns in open office” gave me no results except a bunch of programming macros wikis for […]

A short non-technical essential beginners guide for Drupal – post now! 0

A non-technical beginners guide to Drupal doesn’t seem to exist. My clients always need some help get started and I always end up writing an introduction over and over again so I decided I should make short guide that could easily be deployed when receiving the site. Feel free to comment or give some tips. […]

Herro world! 0

Hansuri hatturi!

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