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Translating strings in Magento 0

Magento has no default-installation translation module. Instead translations are done on a per-module override or a one file overrides all basis. To set up a override-all, go to the design section in the configuration in the backend and set the theme for the translations. Then in app/design/frontend/default/YourTheme/locale/en_US there is a csv file called translate.csv, and […]

Drupal Views grid style template with float and divs 0

Copy and save in a file named views-view-grid.tpl.php in your themes template catalog. Set number of columns in the View. Make the divs float via CSS. Voila! <?php /** * @file views-view-grid.tpl.php * Default simple view template to display a rows in a grid. * * – $rows contains a nested array of rows. Each […]

Magento: Frontend category navigation selectbox 0

I was looking for some way of adding a selectbox in the navigation so that one could pick a category and then get directed to the page with all products in that category. After much looking I found this page, that did sort of what I wanted. Customizing I got the following code for the […]

Wikipedia User-script 0

I am a big fan of user-scripts and Wikipedia. However the Wikipedia design has always struck me as a bit unwieldy sort of when the design becomes too flexible for it’s own good. I found myself always resizing the window whenever viewing a Wikipedia article so I wrote this tiny user-script that sets text-width to 450 pixels and changes the […]

Spotify Playlist for September 2010 0.9.5 0

Spotify Playlist for September 2010 0.9.5 The great Lemix. Playlist: Lem – April.02 Lemix Tex La Homa – The Greatest Key Avey Tare – Opis Helpus Julia Holter – Moto Perpetuo Roots Manuva – Revolution 5 Julia Holter – Why Sad Song? Various Artists – De Vez En Cuando Air – Soldissimo – EDC Remix Manekinekod […]

Spotify Playlist for September 2010 0.9 0

Spotify Playlist for September 2010 0.9 The YACHT list Playlist: Takeo Toyama – Tremolo The Tough Alliance – Leg 9 Toro Y Moi – Low Shoulders Metronomy – A Thing For Me YACHT – The Denver Nuggets YACHT – Psychic City – Classixx Remix Phil Elverum & Nick Krgovich – Whatcha Doin’? Aidan Moffat & The […]

Spotify Playlist for August 2010 0.8 0

Spotify Playlist for August 2010 0.8 The Key Playlist: Speech Debelle – The Key Invisible – London Girl Micachu – Curly Teeth Metronomy – Heartbreaker Camille – 1,2,3 Tunng – Hustle Marc Evans – Given Me Joy [Lovebirds Suite Vocal] Scott Matthews – Elusive Broken Bells – Vaporize Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

Spotify Playlist 2010 0.7.5 0

Spotify Playlist for Juli second part 2010 0.7.5 God  didn’t kill Johnny Cash Playlist: Max Richter – The Blue Notebooks Mansbestfriend – Bosnian Jazz The Antlers – Bear Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper – Art School Creeps Saul Williams – Telegram Speech Debelle – Spinnin’ – Radio […]

Spotify Playlist 2010 0.7.0 0

Spotify Playlist for Juli 2010 0.7 A homage to Marriage Records in Portland sort of. Playlist: Max Richter – The Road Is A Grey Tape Be Gulls – Hello? White Fang – Portland Sucks The Kallikak Family – Dulce De Leche Kanda – They’ll Need Cocaine Karl Blau – Put Me Back S. American Agriculture […]

Spotify Playlist 2010 0.6 0

Spotify Playlist for Juli second part 2010 0.6 (I Want You) More Than Ever Playlist: Fionn Regan – Be Good Or Be Gone Elektrofant – Whatever You Do, It’s Alright Oskar Linnros – Från och med Du Sportsday Megaphone – Less and Less Kim Hiorthøy – Forskjellige Gode Ting This Is The Kit – Our […]

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