I am freelance web designer, web programmer and entrepreneur who has been working in the Internet industry since 1999. I worked with a lot of companies small as big, from start-ups and big corporations. Companies like Vin & Sprit, Microsoft, Compaq to musicians, communities, online-shops and blogs. I use a wide variety of tools foremost the great CMS(Content Management System) Drupal, but also WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, jQuery, MooTools and other voodoo.

I’ll be happy to help you work out the design of your web page, give some insight and help you improve the current one, put up a blog, build a community, fix a project that crashed or work up a Internet strategy for your company. I work fast, keeping costs down and I am a no-fuss kind of person. For references see my portfolio page.

You can contact me at:

martin at-sign aufundab.se

or call +49(0)176-96860685, I’ll be sure to be answer.

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