Translating strings in Magento

Magento has no default-installation translation module. Instead translations are done on a per-module override or a one file overrides all basis.

To set up a override-all, go to the design section in the configuration in the backend and set the theme for the translations. Then in app/design/frontend/default/YourTheme/locale/en_US there is a csv file called translate.csv, and if not just creat it. To translate any string write on a new line

“Sentence to translate”,”Sentenced translated”

So if you want do it for some other language just create the appropiate folder like fr_FR for french and so on and add the translate.csv file.

For a module based translation have a look in app/local/en_US and you will get the picture. I am guessing you would just copy the specific module csv file to your theme’s locale clear it, except for the strings you want to translate. Look here for a more thorough description.

This might also be useful.

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