Spotify Playlist 2010 0.7.0

Spotify Playlist for Juli 2010 0.7

A homage to Marriage Records in Portland sort of.


Max Richter – The Road Is A Grey Tape
Be Gulls – Hello?
White Fang – Portland Sucks
The Kallikak Family – Dulce De Leche
Kanda – They’ll Need Cocaine
Karl Blau – Put Me Back
S. American Agriculture – Close Your Eyes…
Lucky Dragons – Fake Is Forever
White Fang – Eat My Shred
Kanda – Where Do They?
Takagi Masakatsu – Golden Town With Sunglasses
Dear Nora – Hot Boyz
Be Gulls – Good Again
Karl Blau – Kill The Messenger
Devendra Banhart – Happy Birthday!
Drakkar Sauna – Don’t Hex A Polygon
Janelle Monae – Mr. President – EP Version
Cappadonna – N.y.c. Stand Up

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